On March 18, 1856 the Embro Highland Society was organized “to preserve the language, martial spirit, dress, music, literature, antiquities and games of the ancient Caledonians”.

The Annual Gathering of the Society took place in Embro with games, dancing and music. For reasons now unclear, the Society was disbanded in about 1888.

The organization was revived in 1937, with the formation of the current Zorra Caledonian Society to perpetuate “the spirit, music and games of Scotland”. The Highland Games returned to Embro the same year. Our Games are now the oldest annual event of their kind in Ontario. Known to many as “the friendly Games”, it remains one of the most popular, attracting about 5,000 competitors and spectators.

The event may be deeply-rooted in the community’s Scottish heritage, but the colorful tartans, the stirring music of the great Highland bagpipes, the lively Highland dancing and the excitement of the tug-of-war and other athletic competitions have universal appeal.

Whether you are a participant or spectator, we extend a warm welcome.

Men of Might of Zorra

1893 Chicago World’s Fair Champions

Back Row: Alex Clark, Robert McLeod, Ira Hummason. Front Row: William. R. Munro, Ebenezer L. Sutherland Captain Robert. McIntosh Anchor.

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